For almost 30 years our community group has welcomed new members who continue to help conserve and protect the heritage of the Kenwick Wetlands for future generations to enjoy.
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What FOBSW Does

The ongoing efforts of the Friends and local community allow this wonderland of nature to thrive.

Learn more about the FOBSW and how they help preserve this natural heritage.

FOBSW Activities
  • Conservation

    Our ongoing conservation efforts have helped the wetlands retain a thriving and functional ecosystem that is home to a diverse assortment of birds, frogs and other fauna that have been attracted to the area.

  • Eco Surveys

    Fauna and flora surveys are conducted regularly by both the friends and professionals who meet our conservation values to identify threatened ecological communities and rare species.

  • Regeneration

    Our aim is to protect the bushland, and contribute to the regeneration of the native flora in the wetlands. The area provides food, shelter and habitats for the native fauna and regeneration of our native flora.

FOBSW News and Events

Our efforts ensure community awareness and we encourage local members to join us on our regular activity days.

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